Spravato Cost

Spravato® for Depression: Understanding the Costs

Understanding how much Spravato costs in Denver is important to know before deciding on a treatment path that is right for you. We wrote this guide to help patients overcome the fear of being able to afford depression treatments like Spravato and get them on the road to recovery faster. Navigating insurance plans, rebate programs, and providers can prevent people from seeking treatment. The good news is that Spravato is affordable for most people with treatment-resistant depression as most insurance plans will cover it and they offer a rebate plan (more on that later).    

What is Spravato?

Spravato is a nasal spray that contains esketamine, a derivative of ketamine. The FDA approved it in 2019 for use in adults with treatment-resistant depression. Spravato is administered in a healthcare provider's office or clinic, and patients are closely monitored for at least two hours after treatment. 

The Difference Between Ketamine and Esketamine

There are two main forms of ketamine therapy available: Spravato and IV ketamine infusion. Here's a breakdown of the difference between the two: 

Spravato: Spravato is an FDA-approved nasal spray that contains esketamine, a chemical cousin of ketamine. Spravato is taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider, who will administer the medication in the clinic. At Axis Integrated Mental Health, patients inhale the medication and then relax in an optimized healing environment for approximately 2 hours, per FDA requirements.

IV Ketamine Infusion: IV ketamine infusion involves the administration of a therapeutic dose of ketamine directly into the bloodstream via an intravenous (IV) line. This form of ketamine therapy is typically administered in a clinical setting, and patients are closely monitored during the entire process. 

Both Spravato and ketamine Infusions work in the same way to relieve depression and anxiety by increasing neuroplasticity and enhancing the brain’s communication networks. A few patients who have had both treatments report that the experience is similar regardless of the medication delivery mechanism. 

How Much Does Spravato Cost in Denver?

Many patients ask: "How much is Spravato without insurance?" Spravato costs in Denver varies depending on the dosage and the number of treatments needed. Typically, Spravato cost per dose is between $700-$1200, depending on your dosage. It's important to note that these costs are for the medication only and do not include the cost of healthcare provider visits or monitoring.

Of course, patients also need to know "How much is Spravato with insurance?" Esketamine cost with insurance is more affordable as Spravato offers a rebate program called "Spravato with Me", in which we enroll nearly every eligible commercially insured patient. The rebate program enables patients to pay $10/treatment with a maximum savings of $8,150 per calendar year (which goes towards your deductible) if the patient receives their medication directly through a treatment provider like Axis Integrated Mental Health.

"How much does a Spravato treatment cost" is not nearly as important as "How will Spravato treatments be paid for" because in many cases, it can be covered by insurance. Please don't hesitate to contact our office for a more detailed explanation of your benefits and how much treatment would cost in your particular scenario. We realize it is complicated and frustrating and we want to remove as many barriers as possible to getting treatment.

Will Esketamine be Covered by Insurance?

Don’t let the estimates above scare you.  Spravato, unlike ketamine infusions, is usually covered by insurance after 2-4 failed antidepressants (depending on the insurance carrier). For this reason, it is oftentimes a more affordable option than ketamine infusions, which can only be paid for out-of-pocket (read ketamine infusion costs blog for more information). It's important to check with your insurance provider to understand what is covered under your specific plan. At Axis Integrated Mental Health, we accept nearly all major insurance plans, including Medicaid which will cover Spravato treatment if you’ve failed two other antidepressants. We also proudly care for veterans and accept Tricare.

Is there a generic form of Spravato?

Currently, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson and Johnson, holds multiple patents for Spravato and there are no generic forms. The earliest challenge to exclusivity (i.e. a competitive product) would be in March of 2024.

What Can Impact Spravato Costs?

Infrequently, patients have benefits that only cover a small portion of Spravato. These costs are then the patient's responsibility. We are committed to advocating on our patients’ behalf and complete transparency on costs so there should be no surprises before you get treatment. 

What Additional Costs Do I Need to Consider With Spravato?

Spravato costs in Denver are fairly straight-forward and there are no hidden fees. However, patients who undergo Spravato treatment are not allowed to drive after treatment. You must have a transportation plan whether it’s with a friend or family member or a rideshare service to get yourself home from treatment. Medicaid patients can use the non-emergent medical transport service.  

Another consideration is missed time from work. As with infusions, it’s important to rest after a Spravato treatment and get a good night’s sleep before driving again. Since Spravato can only be taken at a certified treatment center like Axis Integrated Mental Health, you’ll need to plan to go from work, to our clinic, and then home as we don’t recommend going back to work until you’ve had time to rest and process your experience.  

To minimize the amount of missed time from work, we offer late appointments from 5-7pm and a Saturday clinic. 

What Are the Advantages of Spravato vs. Ketamine Infusions?

While ketamine and esketamine (the active ingredient in Spravato) are closely related, there are some key differences. Please also review our blog on ketamine costs to compare the advantages of Spravato to Ketamine. 

Spravato is covered by most insurances: One advantage of Spravato is that it is typically covered by nearly all commercial insurance plans, and Medicaid. When combined with the rebate program, Spravato costs in Denver can be considerably less than a ketamine infusion. 

Spravato does not require needles: If the thought of an IV needle in your arm a few times a week makes you squeamish, you may prefer the ease of inhaling your medication as you do with Spravato.  

Spravato can feel like a smoother experience: Anecdotally, many of our patients who have experienced both Spravato and IV ketamine report a smoother experience with Spravato than with IV ketamine. They have reported feeling less fatigue following a Spravato treatment as they do with an infusion.  

Results vary from patient to patient; some patients feel improvement after the first treatment. But typically, we begin to see an improvement in symptoms for treatment-resistant depression about 4-6 weeks after starting treatments or sooner. Clinical studies have shown that patients treated with Spravato achieved greater rates of remission at week 8.   

How Can I Get an Estimate for Spravato Costs in Denver?

Axis Integrated Mental Health is a leading provider of Spravato treatment in Denver, Colorado and Louisville, Colorado. To get an accurate estimate for Spravato costs, contact us at (720) 400-7025 or book an intake appointment with our psychiatrists to understand the full range of treatment options we offer for depression and anxiety. Please also read our blog to understand how to prepare for ketamine infusion therapy (the same guidelines apply to Spravato) to know what to expect and what you can do to get the best experience.