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December Axis Integrated Mental Health Clinic News

As we celebrate our fourth year of being in business, I am thrilled to share some exciting developments within our organization that underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional mental health care and fostering continued growth. 

As you may know, Dr. Jamie Teunis was promoted to clinic lead a few months ago. Dr. Teunis has been an integral part of our team, bringing unparalleled clinical expertise and dedication to our patients. Her promotion reflects our focus on supporting our providers especially as we expand our team, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed to deliver the best possible care. 


With this new role, Dr. Teunis will transition from directly seeing patients, allowing her to channel her energy and expertise into guiding and enhancing our clinical operations. This move is not only a testament to her outstanding contributions, but also aligns with the surge in demand for our services, which will require dedicated focus to enable strategic growth initiatives that will benefit our entire community. 

As we embark on this new chapter, I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Teunis for her unwavering commitment and congratulate her on this well-deserved promotion. 

In line with our dedication to providing timely and accessible mental health care, I am pleased to announce the addition of two new Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) to our team.  


McKenna Bagan graduated from Vanderbilt University and has an exceptional background in women’s care and psychiatry.

Ross Van Allen graduated from the University of Iowa, where he earned his DNP and PMHNP.  He is new to Colorado and he and his partner live with 2 furbabies, Floof (cat) and Luna (dog).

These professionals will be joining us next week, contributing their skills and expertise to ensure that our patients can secure appointments within 7 days. More will be joining us in January.  

Our decision to expand the team is rooted in our commitment to addressing the growing demand for mental health services in our community. Recently, we have experienced an overwhelming response, with appointments booked out well over three weeks in advance. The addition of the new PMHNPs underscores our commitment to reducing wait times and ensuring that our patients receive the care they need promptly. If you'd like to know who we hire, we invite you to look at the interview questions every provider must answer. They are not easy but they tell us quickly if a provider is right for our patients, who deserve the very best.

At Axis Integrated Mental Health we believe that mental health is more than just medications—it is a holistic journey that requires an exceptional team of people who share our vision for changing the mental health landscape from what it has been. We are in an exciting phase of growth and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and contributions to the growth of our company whether you are a patient or an employee. Together, we are destigmatizing mental health for anyone who needs help  and the community at large. 

As we look ahead to the future, let us continue to work collaboratively, supporting one another and fostering an environment where excellence thrives. Here's to another year of innovation, growth, and positively impacting the lives of everyone around us. 

Best regards, 

Chris Perez 

CEO, Axis Integrated Mental Health 

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