Sarah Paston, PMHNP

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Meet Sarah Paston, PMHNP


Sarah Paston, PMHNP, is a public mental health nurse practitioner at Axis Integrated Mental Health, which has locations in Aurora and Louisville, Colorado. She has a background in mental health that includes the use of psychedelic medications, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, ADHD, and women’s mental health care. 

Sarah received her PMHNP from SUNY in 2018 but has been in medical practice for over 12 years. She is also a mom of twins who are now in their twenties, which gives her unique insight and empathy into how parenting challenges can contribute to mental wellness. She is also passionate about animals. She currently has a senior, disabled Chihuahua who has her own wheelchair and a blind Shih Tzu. 

Sarah’s holistic psychiatry philosophy is that mental health and physical health are tightly connected, and she is committed to going at the speed you’re comfortable with. Sarah is a humanistic provider who listens to your concerns and collaborates with you to create a treatment plan that will work with and for you. She is also a psychopharmacologist who can explain in simple language how different medication classes work. Sarah likes to go low and slow and make one modification at a time to ensure she tailors an effective plan.

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